Etrigan, Paladin of Lightto Cumanagoto Culinane

From panaideos - piss off, i am hard as nails, ill kick your fag butt any day of the week.

I'll also kick anyone's butt, im that hard i am, and all you animists are pathetic cowards.

sip 24123

From the Animists - we tread a narrow path, often misunderstood by others, blah blah blah.

From player X - come buy something from my shop.

from player Y to player Z - you suck, i killed you bag loads.

from player Z to player Y - ahh, thats because of B and C

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Do any of you notice any similarities? If yes, then cease your endless, pointless posts - 99.9 percent of people really dont give a damn. If you really feel the need to justify yourselves, the public BBS is far from the right place to do so, justify

yourself via your actions, just cease endlessly crowing about it.

Is this a pointless post? - perhaps. However, I REALLY don't need to be told so. For once in a hell of a long time, lets ALL try keep the public BBS 'crap free'.

Written by my hand on the 5th of Ilmarael, in the year 961.