As a guild the animists fail miserably in fulfilling their role here.

Avalon is unsafe to walk around in, people choose protection, pacifism

and hiding as their way of life, partly because of your guilds failure

to help to protect them.

The fact that most of your guild are pacifists themselves is laughable,

your power to protect others lies in abilities that you cannot use whilst

pacifist. In order to be able to live without understanding or using your

own skills you sacrifice the lives of others.

That you (attempt, without much success) to stop people recieving

restoration of safe encounters for killing animists is also nonsense. Why

should animists be considered so special, kill one and you're blacklisted

but kill tens of non animists (including non-combatants) and you're

allowed to your brews.

Your guild does not consist of those who wish to help others and preserve

life, merely those who's only chance to have any effect on other

Avalonians is to attain the ability to pick wurtfoil and hence 'grant' or

refuse restoration.

Written by my hand on the 15th of Midsummer, in the year 961.