Peaceful Sirona, Lady of the Foreststo Everyone

I invite anyone who feels they are being unfairly treated by the

Animist guild to take it up with our Lord Aldaron. We try our best to

be neutral, and aide those we can. As humans, it is not always possible.

The idea that we are nothing more then wurtfoil dispensors troubles me

for that is at best only a tiny part of what we do. This year has been

a difficult one for that, the forest burnings kept us busy, and we

didn't get quite our usual stock. Then the murders that took place

during brews made it even more difficult. If people wish to have

brews they should consider offering to provide security for those

that brew. That often helps us arrange them quicker, removing one of

the things we must plan before we arrange one. As for individual wishes

to be placed on the blacklist, thats not something we can do. We can

try and observe your wish to be left alone, but blacklisting requires

some deed of a unlife nature. Murdering an animist in cold blood, in

his Guild for instance. Something along the lines of what you did

last time Lilandrin.

In Life, Sirona GuildMistress of the Animists

Written by my hand on the 28th of Skyelong, in the year 961.