The story.

Oh, but mistress Lilandrin, I'm giving you the story you so carnally desire. The

Sorcerers are supposed to be the root of all evil in this fabulam narrare are they

not? What is more evil than human suffering so deep that it makes people wish to

end their avalonian lives? And best of all, its selective! This means that there's

the added bonus of feeling as though you're being singled out for the treatment, and

its absolutely true! Hell, if it werent for the fact that his wife-to-be is Nivea,

I'd be drooling over the thought feeding any children he might have to my hungry

cauldron. THAT, my dear, is the truely polarized morality that you're in love with

and looky here, I'm so generously giving it to you. Bohica!


Written by my hand on the 20th of Eleuthral, in the year 960.