notorious qqer.

Sir Jack the Swordto Johnii the Rat

Dear Johnii,

I am quite dissapointed in you for your little remark about me.

It was totally uncalled for. I was using the qq to cure mist. I would be logged back in within 2 seconds of being logged out. That put me at a great disadvantage. I still kicked your wortless ass all over the place.

At the time of this I thought qqing to be the only cure for mist. That is how I think it was at one time.

I have now known for quite some time that qqing is not the only cure and you will not see it happen again as I have already told you.

I would appreciate it if you would give me a public apology for I now feel as though my name is tainted beyond what I mind.

If you do not I suppose I will just take it out of your hide as per usual.

Written by my hand on the 25th of Midwinter, in the year 960.