Involving Mercinae.

Johnii the Ratto Lorelord Allanon

I am writing publically to make amends for involving your citizens and sewers in my recent dispute. I was not conscious that my actions would offend them and did not expect to be in a \"fight\" inside your city.

However, while i dont consider getting decomposed as much of a fight on my part, i do see an uncertain future.

Your law causes confusion when your citizens ask for help in stoping a person from cutting your staves, burning your forest, or bathing a body. It seems to tie the hands of your allies, make them question their willingness to help your city, and

generally give the advantage to Merciane's enemys who fight with no hinderances or considerations.

This is just and observation, its not a judgement or indictment, though i am sure someone will take it as such.

<typo - should read \"just an observation\">

In anycase, i will try not to involve you city in any fighting or other disputes.

In a personal note, I would apreciate it if Yousuf and Tynian would not continue to spread lies concerning me. Also, if this was a conspiracy dreamed up by Serenia, i too was a dupe.

Johnii the Rat

Written by my hand on the 12th of Midwinter, in the year 959.