War war war.

Magistrus Follower of The Ashen Pathto Orielle

Well, Catt said that Sirrus threatened war on Mercinae. Whether or not there is

any TRUTH to this we'll never know for certain, since springdale trusts Catt as far

as their LWs can throw him, and Sirrus IS GM of the Brigands. However, if there

was a war, then I'm guessing your lack of invitation would be due to the fact that

your sole weapon is your sparkling wit, unless you somehow lost your PW status

while I wasn't looking...

Oh, I guess you do have a beefy boyfriend who does your dirty work, too ;).

-Magistrus \"Pick me like a potato, baby! \" the Sorcerer-

Written by my hand on the 26th of Agamnion, in the year 958.