Grundy, Lorewarden of the Southto Everyone

Promises were made under the gaze of my lord, Rhadamanthys to secure a peace between Catt and those in Springdale who felt malice toward him and he felt malice toward.

I know that he is disappointed, and perhaps rather angry, though he won't show it, that many of the spirit, if not the word of many of the agreements made have been bent or broken.

Already feelings of ill will have brought hostilies to two guilds and now threaten to drag two entire cities.

Even if the recent actions aren't directly related to things and agreements that occured in the past, I think the basic hostilies orginally stem from there.

I bid all parties involved to declare a cooling off period, even if it means not taking a step outside your city walls, and assess whether this is a road you want to continue down.

Those who are not involved at this time--I ask you to resist being drawn into these arguements and help those invovled to bring a resolution if you can.

Grundy, Junior Priest of Rhadamanthys

Written by my hand on the 12th of Agamnion, in the year 958.