Plaman Friendly Neighborhood Thiefto Everyone


Posting here is rare for me but I guess I have something to say. I am a bit annoyed. I am as tired of having Weasal say those dumb mercs accusing me again as he is of hearing your bull. WEASAL HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE THAKRIAN RAID.

He did not lead troops he did not give directions nor did he once offer his help. He did however ask if he could watch the movement of troops to see how it was handled as he is I believe Field Marshall for parrius this was invaluable experience.

But wait you say Weasal was attacking people and was helping Thakria in doing so. Weasal attacked no one that he normally dosn't when he is on. Yes me and Weasal did team Ghandarin but 1) Ghandarin is not a merc citizen so killing him in no way

shows he was helping thakria invade merc and 2) Ghandarin always attacks weasal any way. With that said yes Weasal has friends among Thakrians and that is no sin. If I understand Mercy's past posts right Parrians are free to choose what they do and

Weasal as a Parrian chooses to remain friends with his old friends from Thakria. Sorry that other cities are so blind to see that it is ok to have friends outside ones city.

Anyway please send the accusations in the right direction and get the fact straight before you point fingers as most who are accusing him where not around and the other half who are accusing him where to busy hiding or riding the ship to see what

weasal was doing.

P. S. Save your time and don't post the many threats that oh you will pay and we will kill you. Thanks!

Plaman Baron and Thief of Thakria

Written by my hand on the 24th of Leaflost, in the year 958.