Lies, deceit and treachery.

Duke Sirrus Duarteto Lorelord Allanon

Due to your guildmasters own incompetence in his handling of the keys

to his guild, (which I assume you have given your aproval to, as

you don't seem to have sparked an election over this), it was emptied

of all interesting contents. I mean, you have a nice shiny new guildhouse

which only authorised persons should be able to enter, and what does the

master do? Offer it as a free-for-all.

I also belive that both you and Catt making my good self personal enemies

will result in your breaking of the law of your own fair City, to

which I assume you have handed in your resignations.

If your memory is rather short on this issue, try tracking back the

posts where you (or your appointed Ministers and spokespersons)

state that you don't attack non city enemies within the walls.

Therefore all your runestaves are either their in definace of said

proclamation, you don't really care about the law or Mercinae's honour

or you changed the law to exclude something which benefits the city

for the most part if it causes hinderance to a select few non-enemies.

I suggest if you want your keys back, without futher copies made

you learn to guard what you say, what you do, and seek to end this

petty squabble before it turns into something you will regret.

The Duke.

Written by my hand on the 24th of Midsummer, in the year 958.