Domination vs. Evil.

Magistrus Non Assinus Estto Lilandrin the Lioness

I think you're lumping things together too quickly. Do you feel that Mercinae's

sole purpose is to end Thakrian oppression of Avalon? Domination does not equate to

evil! You see Thakria as the marauding Mongols: killing, looting, raping their way

across the continent in order to better themselves. I see Thakria as Rome, where

stability is created through might. What stability? The stability of the system

that has defined avalon for avalonian centuries! A system of neverending conflict

where the meek learn to be strong through fear of annihiliation. The only way your

precious story can stay alive is for Thakria to remain the dominant power in Avalon

for without the belief that Thakria is an ominous shadow cast upon your cities, there

is no reason to achieve greatness and prowess in battle. Pax Thakriana, so to speak :)


Written by my hand on the 1st of Mournsend, in the year 958.