I found your post personally offensive on many levels and I would daresay that many of my fellow citizens found it so.

Many Springdalians, such as I, have chosen the path of neutrality, not because we are feckless or have no principles but because we are so VERY tired of the stereotypes of good and evil.

Personally I dont care what your alignment is as long as you leave my city and friends alone to live their lives as they see fit.

Neutrality has many interpretations, the most pure of which is virtually impossible to live up to, although many try, especially in Springdale.

This pure form of neutrality is far harder to follow than any interpretation of goodness so stop patronising those that decide not to buy into your own deeply spurious idea of 'morals'.

Magistrus - Clearly you have very little idea of the ways a city looks after its own citizens - are you really advocating that my fello citizens should stand by and watch Thakrians attack and strip our novices - such as yourself?

Your decision to move cities/guilds was motivated by your delusions that somehow you would be transformed as a fighter overnight.

This clearly isnt true - after you publically cowered by your fort when I repeatedly challenged you, rather than face me as a man, any credibility you may have once had instantly evaporated.

Wizard Amygdala - Guildmaster to the Wizards Guild.

Written by my hand on the 25th of Eleuthral, in the year 958.