Northeast from Silk Street.

Lilandrin the Lionessto Everyone

Dear Magistrus,

Again you miss the point. I wish Avalon to follow the story. I agree that there are

people in each city that don't follow the idea of the city, but I find that since Thakria

is susposed to be evil, that they are the most at fault for this.

I don't recall a time when anyone has ever refused to help me in Mercinae, or when I have

refused to help anyone. I can recall a time when I lived in Thakria (twice) though. The

only reason that I was tolerated was because I could pick up to ultimate herbs, and was

therefore useful for the city as a whole. Sounds a bit communistic, but that's Thakria for

you. Outward appearances are much different then the inside ones. The higher ups in Thakria

only use the lower guys for one thing, to supply the fighters.

I would never move there again. I much prefer Mercinae and the southern seas. The people

are nicer, friendlier, kinder, and can think for themselves.


Written by my hand on the 10th of Eleuthral, in the year 958.