Lilandrin the Lionessto Everyone

You misunderstood. I said you have to take a stance, not pick good or evil. This stance can

be anything, such has not picking herbs below 20 or something seemingly as silly. Instead

people have warped the idea of neutrality into being righteous. Of course, you are right, this

does lead to the idea of good and evil again. So, if the Animists can claim neutrality (

something I believe they cant) and they help all people, making them good, and the rest

of us evil, what is the point of it all at the end of they day?

I have always thought the idea behind Thakria was to be evil. Steal candy from babies,

summon unholy demons, that sort of thing. Lately all them guys up there seem far too, well

nice to make life intersting for us southerners. In fact, in all my life I have never met

a truly evil Thakrian. I can say that I have met some truly good Mercinaens (Alexandra comes

to mind automatically). I think everyone should try to remember the story sometime. Thakria

goes for power and uses any method they can, while us Mercinaens try to save them. Of course,

none of has a clue what Springdalians do (grin).

Hmm, I havent said much either, have I?


Written by my hand on the 9th of Eleuthral, in the year 958.