Magistrus Non Assinus Estto Lilandrin the Lioness

To say that neutrality is weakness implies that you believe one needs to \"pick a

side\" in order to have strength. Neutrality is the alignment of those who have goals

which transcend the spiteful wars of Good and Evil (again, if such forces do exist

in Avalon) such as the Animists. Who's side are they on? By virtue of the fact that

they seek only to heal, they are Neutral - or perhaps they are Good and the rest of

us are the Evil which they combat through the influence of their deeds against the

brutality of our own.

A large problem is, of course, that our statements may be incompatible - What I

define as Good and Evil, and what you define as the same may be entirely different

and thus my definition of neutrality will have no meaning to you. What or who do

you feel is Good... and what or who is Evil?

So, I guess I leave off having given you no better an answer than you had with my

last post. Sorry ;)


Written by my hand on the 6th of Eleuthral, in the year 958.