Compassion Orderhouse.

Grundy, Lorewarden of the Southto Everyone

A very large thank you to all who attended the dedication of a chapter house to Rhadamanthys on this, the one year anniversary of the Alchemist Cinaed's ascension into the heavens to become the god of compassion.

I was greatly surprised at all the people who attended, and in fact the air was full of portals as about 4-5 people tried to accomodate transportation requests by those who wanted to attend.

The ceremony was a brief and informal affair. I spoke on the history leading up to the contruction of chapterhouses, mentioning the chapterhouse constructed previously in Thakria next to the temple of Elatar.

Our Lord Rhadamanthys spoke a few words, and handed out rewards to those whose hard work made the chapter house possible.

Then, by the grace of Orielle who leant her authority to him, Dramus ordered the construction of a mansion.

The mansion is located east of the Road of Petals in Springdale. Outside of the power of Rhadamanthys which permeates some of the rooms, there is no outward indication that it is any different from any other house. Over the next few months, and maybe

years, the order will be working to renovate the rooms so that they reflect the purpose for which it is built.

All are welcome to rest within the walls of the chapterhouse and walk in the gardens. Of course, hostile actions within the precincts are not welcome.

Although we have built much, the project of constructing chapterhouses continues. If anyone would like to donate cash or materials, we would welcome them.

Grundy, Junior Priest of Compassion

Written by my hand on the 14th of Midsummer, in the year 956.