Our Wedding.

Wizard Nennieth Yggdrazil, the Dancing Dreamto Everyone


A Big Hug and Heartfelt thanks to all who were able to attend our wedding.

A special thanks goes to Rhadamanthys, who on such short notice,

agreed to do the ceremony, as well as Genesis and Wraith for their divine

presence and participation.

Our sincerest apologies for our lack of public announcement regarding the event.

Please understand that we have been waiting for the right moment for quite

some time now, and thus had to seize the day as the chance arose.

Again, to those feeling excluded and left out, we are terribly sorry.

It was never our intention to offend anyone.

Thanks again to all those who participated in making the evening such a splendid

occasion, especially Zirnath and Rhiannia, who stood by us on our most special day.

Sincerely, Nennieth and Katrina

Written by my hand on the 7th of Skyelong, in the year 956.