The challenge is over.

Apollo, the god of lightto Orthwein, the god of fate

Just to put an end to the discussion once and for all on this

subject. I was asked to oversee the challenge which was to

'be fought on the same basis as the challenge with Guido'. As

I was not present at this challenge I asked both the contenders

to state their understanding of the rules to me and I carefully

questioned both to ensure that their was no misunderstandings.

Everything seemed very specific and clear at the outset, but

soon after the start Panaideos complained to me over the 'use

of staves'. I considered his complaint and ruled that this was

fair use of the environment (as I believe I have already stated

here), however, I gave him an option which meant that he could

have continued the challenge without ever coming into contact

with a stave. He declined to use it. A little later it appeared

that the very specific rules set down were giving Panaideos a

particular advantage and when I questioned him on this he

quickly agreed to a change of rules to resolve the matter and

the contest went on. Apart from a sad (but typical) instance

later when Panaideos chose to use the protection I demanded for

both contestants to launch a surprise attack on an innocent

party, the rest of the contest proceeded as per the agreed

rules, so if anyone has further complaint or comment to make

about the integrity of my overseeing then they should speak to

me directly.

Written by my hand on the 23rd of Hindyear, in the year 955.