New Animist Shop.

Uncle Taliesin, Baron of the Black Forestto Everyone

Citizens of Avalon, I bring you word of a new Animist shop; created with the kind assistance of Our Guild Patron, and the new building system.

You may find this shop located 1s and 1e of the square in the ruined city. We pledge to keep it stocked for you.

We apologise for the spotty service in the old stall, but thieves kept ransacking the old one--and while it does my heart well to see someone make good use of their skills,

there seemed little value to avalon in keeping the old one up.

Please enjoy the shop; it is called The Pavillion Eatery. You will find herbs and other goods that the animists can now create stored within.

I remain in humble service to Aldaron, the Animists and the Lady of Dreams.

Written by my hand on the 6th of Midwinter, in the year 955.