Thievery and lowlife scum.

Nowhere in my post did I direct my accusations toward one particular person. I merely speak of the concept of thievery from a shop owned by an animist. Personally, I do not feel is matters WHERE the shop is, be it in a at war

or in the middle of the forest. (that was supposed to read city at war). Animists are here to serve the people. We are the givers of life. I have no care for personal alignment. All are equally deserving of my assistance.

If I could set up an herb shop outside city walls and still maintain a high level of security that is what I would do. But there is no such thing as city protection in the forest which would leave my wares open to thiefs on all sides.

There are many (thakrians and non-thakrians alike) who know that the Thakrian Weaver shop belongs to me, and they respect the right of an animist to remain neutral. If my shop were anywhere else I would request the same respect

and common decency from those outside THAT city as well.

Allanon, when I am in avalon I give my herbs freely to any and all who might ask. I have given away enough herbs to and restored enough people from Mercinae and springdale combined to MORE than compensate for the measly amount of money

Thakria gains from my shop. The pittance Thakria gains from my sales is a mere teardrop in a mighty ocean and its closure would have no affect. Further, the money they DO collect is nothing more than rent for the use of the shop.

I do apologise to anyone who was offended at the vulgarity of my previous post. You are correct in saying it was done out of anger. But it does not change my disgust for those who knowingly steal from an animist. My wounds will heal

over time. That is the nature of my compassion. My first thoughts to your actions was a decision never again to assist those from Mercinae, since you are acting a representative of Mercinae. But that was mere rantings of anger.

I could never hold punishment over an entire populus for the actions of a few. I will continue to sell my herbs where I please and I will continue to assist all who need my help no matter how angry or bitter a person you intend to be.

Written by my hand on the 2nd of Agamnion, in the year 954.