Your post.

Painfully yours - Kylanto Lilandrin of the Rangers

I do not know why you bother to post about something so trivial as the 5 of you <most of you who will not leave the barracks unless you have

someone to hold your hand> against one person. Yes, I did unlock the door with the help of some Shirolos I believe. No worries.

Your pathetic nature is known to all. Was your post to make me look bad? I hope not. You are the coward who will not leave your barracks

unless you have your puppet master controlling your strings. It didn't bother me to go against the 5 of you to try and stop you. Death

means nothing to me as long as I made an attempt. Isn't it funny how Panaideos alone..... by himself can put up the longnight but yet

it takes five times as many <or more on some occasions> to take it down. Bask in your glory Lilandrin. For it is short lived when once

again the night returns only for you to have to put things back to normal. Putting up the long night should be much harder than taking it

down. But thanks to your city's incompetance we bathe in darkness much more than you Children of Light should allow. Hugs and Kisses.

Painfully yours,


Written by my hand on the 17th of Cloudburst, in the year 953.