In my opinion, it looks like you doing all that is in your power to stir up anti-Mercinae feeling.

Why this could be I have several theories that I would rather not bore you with, but the simple fact remains that you are Parrian, and thus have no right to dictate any sort of policy that Mercinae happens to decide upon.

Of course, being that I am just a humble citizen of Mercinae, not employed in any official capacity, then this is a totally personal response to what I perceive as you trying to threaten and bully Mercinae into weakening herself for the advantage of a

Parrius that is doing its best to be unfriendly and force Mercinae into acting against you.

Are you speaking for the entirity of Parrius, or is it just you that wants to try and manipulate my city into having one less friend?

Sir Yousuf

Written by my hand on the 24th of Mournsend, in the year 953.