Accountability for one's actions.

Mercy, Maid of the Eastto Everyone

Parrius has waited patiently for a number of days to see what Mercinae would do

in regards to their official position on Parrius. After the theft of our harvest, and subsequent

return, we had decided to believe all those who said they didn't know which fields

they were harvesting. That left only the question of Lilandrin having deceived so many citizens into

an attack on another city. Does Mercinae intend to just wait it out, retain a Baron who dupes their

own citizens into theft and continues to lead Mercinae against Parrius? It appears so. Today, Lil was

at it again. The Prince of Mercinae, when asked for a response, had none. Don't think, that because we

are silent, we have forgotton. Parrius simply thought it best to leave Mercinae to handle its own

internal problem. We have been waiting for your answer, and are starting to believe that today's

attack says it all.

Oh, and before anyone trots out the tired old Personal vs. City explanation, let us say that we have

discussed that, and firmly believe that when you take the office of Baron you set aside your

right for petty personal vengeance and you represent your city as you were elected to do. If Lil is

carrying out the wishes of the people who elected her, then Parrius would like to hear this officially.

Mercy - Maid of the East

Written by my hand on the 23rd of Mournsend, in the year 953.