Teaming, etc.

Sir Lancelot, The Impatientto Arikarr Darkheart

I don't think you should really moan about 3 of you being killed by

Allanon and Lilandrin. I would pay lots of money for the chance to be

attacked by those two.

The sort of teaming Zakath was talking about, was not 2 against 3.

He was referring to the constant tactic of 7 or 8 Mercinaen/Springdalian's

and gating/pilling/summoning, whatever to one individual.

Two of this group will then unbalance you so you are unable to fight

back, get away, or actually do anything other than heal.

That sounds like fun doesn't it?

That wouldn't be so bad if A: They didnt think they actually had some

talent and congratulated each other after managing to kill somone, or B:

stay in barracks/fort/pool, the second one of their army log off...

Lifes a bitch - and so are most mercinaen's mothers...

Written by my hand on the 4th of Agamnion, in the year 952.