EW etc.

I'm with you Kal Zakath. These Mercinaen scum and those imbeciles from

springdale are getting to be too much. Only a few days hence Myself,

faithstorm and Amberdrake were set upon by Guido, Allanon and Lilandrin

Once would have been ok, twice - acceptable. I was shipped FOUR times

in about 20 minutes by this pair. why? because we were there, and

because they could. I say pair, for I believe that

guido was quite honourable regarding the incident once he

discovered the imbalance in power between the two groups.

I have always been a proponent of honour in battle, single duels

and not fighting those on LW etc. No longer. Now I shall team,

Attack anyone I can kill, without hesitation and use some of

the dirty, filthy, stinking, low tricks that have been used upon me


by these so called democratic 'good guys'. No more mr nice guy.

'nuff said.

Arikarr The EXTREMELY Annoyed.

P. s and Whil I'm about it I shall steal crops, kill men and just about

do ANYTHING it takes to bring Merc to it's knees.

Written by my hand on the 19th of Leaflost, in the year 952.