Evil in Me.....

Kal Zakath, Kavalier in Shining Armourto Everyone

Guys n Gals,

Previous to this sorry day you would have known me as a pretty decent honourable

Thakrian type. that is changed permanently now.

No longer will I look out for those on my ew before swishing my blades.

All those who took part in my deaths today and all they represent shall feel

my blades. I will no longer be merciful. I will no longer let

the weak off.

This killer I have become has totally been created by you... not I.

Thanks to Allanon, Culinane, Lilandrin, Regor, Sturge and partly to Guido for this

glorioius change.

I relish the pain of my shipping today people. I hope you relish yours.


PS dont bother telling me stuff like \"didnt think you would do that zak\"

Save it... I do what is done to me.

Written by my hand on the 30th of Hindyear, in the year 952.