Your story.

Mercy, Maid of the Eastto Etrigan, Paladin of Light

Please, Etrigan. Don't even try that. It is an insult to the intelligent people of Avalon.

Surely you could have thought of a better way to control the spin than that.

I was very careful with my list, and I did not include all the people we saw this morning. The

only people listed were those that:

A. Tried to tell us why they felt they had a right to steal our crops

B. Were told they were stealing crops and were found again later in the adjacent field continuing the theft.

C. Were overheard coordinating the effort with Lilandrin

As for returning what was stolen, who is this WE you are talking about? You all left with it in your

dirty hands and put it in your storerooms. It was returned by the honourable, sensible faction in

Mercinae, not by the likes of you or Lilandrin, who I understand is very upset at losing all she had

stolen. I do not wish to argue this endlessly, I have too much to do. I just could not stand to see you

try to take all of Avalon for the same kind of fools you choose to associate with.

Mercy - Maid of the East

Written by my hand on the 17th of Hindyear, in the year 952.