The harvest - year 952.

Mercy, Maid of the Eastto Everyone

I will set down the facts of this year's harvest for posterity, leaving comments and

the inevitable backlash for some later time. This morning, as I arrived to harvest the fields which

were planted by Parrius, I was shocked to see a large, organized group rampaging through the fields

which we had ploughed and planted. The group was led by Lilandrin, who had committed suicide

the previous evening to gain divine protection. After reviewing the morning's events with Shenarra,

we find the people who knowingly robbed the fruit of our labours to be the following:

Lilandrin, Grace, Deckar, Alexandra, Etrigan, Fredegar, Alkadar, Sirona, and Tiglath. Trell may or may

not have been involved, it cannot be determined. Others, too cannot be verified and will not be

listed here. Our harvest was returned with the efforts of a few citizens who truly have honour and uphold

ideals they claim to follow.

Mercy - Maid of the East

Written by my hand on the 13th of Hindyear, in the year 952.