The lost Isle of Bradford.

Warfarin, Craftsman of Springdaleto Everyone

Time for a light-hearted post, methinks.

You notice that the lands of Avalon are quieter these days, though you are not sure why. You ask your elders, but they only smile secretively, and move to other things.

Disgruntled, you decide to explore the dockside areas of you city (or village) only to find a hive of activity where normally there is none.

There is a new ferry in port, named 'Party Thisway', gleaming in the sunshine. There are already many passengers on board, all laughing and joking. You are surprised to find those you would consider evil conversing with those who are thought good.

There is no strife here, nor fear or hate. There is but the knowledge that friends from all areas meet at a time of great change.

Asking around, you find that there has been a new Island discovered, to the north of Avalon. Its true location is known to few, but searched for by many. It is the Isle of Bradford, location of the city Barbeque, and inhabited by Pubs,

lesser god of drink.

All who have the time, are now on their way to this land.

Sadly, it is known that Warfarin, Craftsman of Springdale, suffers from sea-sickness and must therefore watch his friends go on the 'Party'.

Will you go too, or will you help watch over the cities of Avalon, waiting for their return? If you stay, then send them your good wishes, in their stay at Barbeque, and hope they see many Pubs in their travels.

Have fun in Bradford.+

Warfarin, sea-sick Craftsman of Springdale (wave)

Written by my hand on the 23rd of Springflower, in the year 952.