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Arikarr Darkheartto Everyone

Alright guys, I have to agree with Etan. My line of work (IRL) is directly

connected with the roleplaying industry in the uk and I KNOW how much stick we

suffer from the moral minority/majority. I, although atheistic in belief, find the

use of bad language and \"blasphemy\" against real people on these boards to be

offensive and extremely distasteful. Keep the stuff IC (in character) and everyone

will be happier. This is purely a personal OOC (Out of Character) statement. I don't

want to see this game suffer the outcries of the media and the religious

institutions in the same way that I have seen other games suffer. If anyone wants

to argue this point or discuss it with me then please mail me and I'll post you

my telephone number and we'll talk voice. Thank you for reading this post.

S. D. Swann - Arikarr Darkheart.

Written by my hand on the 10th of Springflower, in the year 952.