Sturmto Everyone
Hmm... well what do we have here. 1) khan = hournet ?? 2) khan whats to leave??? 3) new guild member is needed.  hmm. well. 1 if khan was hornet which i do not think is true then even better. hornet was geeting good till u knick him outt. it seem the khan has done vey well whith the knight from 9 member to 16 !!! members and was still getting them in and intrested. 2). hmm. if he dose leave which i hope he dose not i think the knights guild and most of avalon will be hurt. 3). a new GM needed. i hope this do not happen as khan is very good at it . but if people trete him like dirt then what good resion has he got to stay. apart from what he has done to the knights which i am greatfull for.   Seea.  Sturm Dark Blade, The Knight