Cumanagoto Culinaneto Everyone


It is not hard to imagine why Katynar killed you if you refer to her as a 'chick' or more horrifically as one of \"Culinane's chicks\". Katynar does not belong to me. She is a friend, not a possession.

As for my \"lofty prefix\", I know it has lots of syllables but it really is not all that lofty. You may find humour or irony in the fact that for a time I was known as \"Chick Corea Culinane\" due to the work of a prankster named Tiglath. Come to think

of it, I also recall that Tiglath used to have a harem of sorts. Perhaps Katynar was one of his chicks...

If you have anything further to say to me please use a message, letter or the edge of your swords. Kylan and Lancelot can no doubt teach you how to kill me, they are both well-accomplished at it.


Chickmeister Culinane