Your bullshit.

Why do I see nowhere in your fairy tale account mention of your

attempted decomposition of a holy man? This act was not in protection of

any sentient, intelligent being, of plant life or even in self defence.

You came out of the pool of life whilst i was making no attempt to harm

any living being, summoned me and attempted to kill me. Those are the

actions to which i believe Aldaron might have right to question, you

have chosen, unsurprisingly, to completely ignore.

Claiming that half a set of demons on you stops you from entering one

forest command is laughable, as is the comment i just overheard to

Conteck claiming that i was at no time in any danger. At the time,

you thought you'ld killed me (which somewhat calls into question why

someone as ignorant and unaware of what is happening around them as you

should be granted abilities at all, let alone something as powerful as


To Conteck... That post was to Aldaron and in turn Genesis. Taliesin

gave his made up account of what happened, which is to be expected. Why

do you feel the need to answer for the omnipotents?