Killing people in the Animist Guild.

Conteck of Avalon Generalto The Reverend Panaideos

You are aware that the Animists derive their power from Aldaron.

You are aware that all life comes from Aldaron, and that your own life springs from him.

Why do you regard his decision to grant the power to change animal life to plant life to the senior members of his guild as contemptable?

Good grief! Do you realise what you are saying about an Omnipotent!

I have never seriously wished for the authority of High Priest before, I am content with being his beloved follwer.

However, if I were his HP I would feel obliged to award a disfavour for a comment like that.

Just what Aldaron himself will feel like - I don't know. You may be lucky and get ignored.

Conteck, member of the Order of Life.