Fedora's Post.

Goatherdess Heidi, Love you long timeto Everyone

I have read Fedora's post(s) through many times, and i too agree that is a true account of the events leading to Parrius's merging with Mercinae, for the benifit of all our friends.

I would openly admit that we as a government, and i as princess, chose to sacrifice Parrius in a bid to thawrt a Thakrian Invasion.

But, i would also like to point out that yes, we tried to bring about a strong city from the already weakened Parrius, weakened by the previous patron and government.

As a note i would say we increased the wealth in the city from under 500k to almost 1.4 million and we certainly had more commodites than both Mercinae and Springdale.

But we sought to save Avalon from Thakria gaining those resources, from a city that would almost certainly fall, as we were so informed.

I dont shun the blame for how i chose to merge Parrias and Mercinae for all our good, but i will not take blame for the rot that had already taken hold when Maedhros and his governemnt took office.