One for the history books.

Mercy, Maid of the Eastto Everyone

I am completely baffled by the spin being put on Parrian History by

those same people who closed the city and absconded to Mercinae with all

its goods. Maedhros Allendil did ask me to care for the city until his

return, but as soon as his back was turned, his own 'loyal' follower sought

to take power and began the process to remove me from office. As is the way

with all religious cults, the blame MUST be placed externally. ALl I know is that

if I had shown such disobedience to my own patron's wishes, I would have to answer

to him for it. If Heidi had not seen Maedhros' absence as her Big Chance to grab

power, I would have happily kept my promise, delaying the fall of Parrius for

perhaps a few more days, until Heidi took power anyway a short time later.

There is no getting around the fact. Everyone knows who was running the city while

it fell. The gap of a few days between my leaving and Maedhros' return is

inconsequential. Let's get our story straight, shall we?

Mercy - Guardian of Parrius