your post.

Mercy, Maid of the Eastto Culinane

Thank you for your kind words and offers of assistance. The only way I can think

that you might be of assistance at the moment is to ask your citizens to stop

stealing our harvest. Mercinae is the proud possessor of everything Parrius owned,

you do not need our few crops as well. As for your question, you probably do not have

any right to ask that, but I'll answer you anyway. When Parrius needed me, I was

prevented from saving her by an insane and incompetent political/religious faction

headed by Heidi. You can rest assured that had that not been the case, I would

never have let Parrius fall. I bided my time and waited until I was able to aid my

city again. Patience is a virtue, especially in city leadership. The story of Parrius

is a long one, and it is not over.

Best Regards,

Mercy - Guardian of Parrius