I have to be honest, I thought it was a little bit iffy you

getting zapped for killing me.

After all, I attacked your allies, who were invading my city

I don't care if you think I'm small or not.

That fight took me OFF the lw list and that was worth it.

I saw a load of enemy scum in MY city, I had to try! and thats what makes us

different in Thakria, we understand concepts like heroism and bravery

we don't skulk in shadows or travel in warbands hugging the most powerful

(er... except when learning new quests... grin...) of us whilst we

\"fight\". I shouldn't have been suprised really that no one from Merci-dale

understands that concept. Yes I fought, three of you, and died. But I don't whine

about it do I? It was a good fight, for that you have my thanks, any combat that

gets the adrenalin rushing is a good one, win or lose.

I spilt my blood in the last line of defence of Diabolus' totem.

How many of your newbies would do that, and how many would run like

pathetic ragged mewling kittens for the nearest \"Hug Centre\" ?

be honest with yourselves now. It's easy to kill a peer or a lesser, but how

many of you will even CONSIDER fighting someone WAY harder???!!!

Arikarr For Thakria, Doom Eternal, and The Thrill of it All!