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Kylanto Don Guido Andolini

Hmm..... I think you are mistaken my love. I for one do not cower in the pool... makes me sick to be there... nor in my forts.

I do not need to hide behind Panaideos or Criamulus. Of course the smaller citizens you are attacking ..... most half your size are

in the forts. They are trying to gain experience and such to make themselves stronger as do all smaller players in the land. Forts and

the pool are the smaller ones only refuge sometimes and if they go there so as to not lose all their items against one who is twice their

size then so be it. You are one to speak of Thakrians hiding here or there. You in your Hemp store..... training your new inguildees...

what is the matter... don't you find your guild safe enough anymore? And Catt in his crew in the Kitchens... come on. Enough of the

finger pointing... it can go on for months. I for one am sick of all of it. If someone's in a fort... you have skills to get them out. If

they are in the pool... so be it..... so are a crap load of others. Do not accuse everyone of cowering when you know it is not true.

If you wish to raise your blades to me ... issue a challenge and it will be done dear Guido.