Druid Faithstormto Countess Lilandrin


Yesterday Ladesh and yourself had a challenge going. During that time, someone telled to me that they needed

a body bathed which of course, I went and got. As an animist I have a list of all the players that are in forest

locations, called fwho. Since our naturalism abilities are no longer useable at the Pool, I am unable to plant an

ent there for flowing purposes. At the time that I had the body, you happened to be in the forest so I kept flowing

to you hoping against all hope that you MIGHT be at the pool. Normally I would have just asked but with a dead

body in your arms, time is of the essence. I am sorry that you feel that I did something to effect the outcome of

your challenge with Ladesh, but I did no such thing. That goes against everything that I believe in and considering

my guild's patron was on at the time, with whom I spoke with on learning of this misunderstanding through La-

desh, don't you think that it would be foolish of me to do such a thing as you are attesting that I did? I am deeply

hurt that you would think such of thing when you know me not. Please take time to consider someone elses

feelings when you go making assumptions and accusations.

A wounded Faithstorm