Don Guido Andolinito Ladesh

You are a damn trip. You talk really tough when you know I am in no

shape to fight. Yeah, we had a *great* exchange, me with 720 hp, no herbs

and not a damn poison and you still loose. Just imagine, Ladesh, if I was

in shape right now.

How is it ok for you to choose not to fight, but cowardly when someone

else does. I am really busy right now, came out, gave you your fight, and

went back to my own. Not my fault if you werent happy with the outcome (well

maybe it was). Yes, I log on at work every once in a while and cannot fight.

Oh well, deal with it. And no, I will not stop what I am doing to make you


I am not Mercinaen so I claim not responsibilty for their fighters, ways or

actions so your beef and insults in that department are with Allanon and

whoever else you were mumbling about.

And as for your braggings of you FEW kills in you SHORT lifetime, you cant

hold a stick to the numbers others have compiled so leave that subject alone

till you grow up some.

Moebius: For another person who has no idea how to stop a cleave, I would

shut up if I were you.

The Don