Interface Clarification.

Squire Mohltto Everyone

Ok, im not having much luck here posting clearly. It seems that

Some people are still having trouble locating the web page

so I will try to clarify the tilde key substitution I mentioned

in the previous message.


First off (I dont mean to sound insulting) I want to make sure

everyone understands what key I mean when I say the tilde key.

The tilde is that little squiggly snake looking character, on my

keyboard it sits on the key directly BELOW my ESC key and to the LEFT

of my '1' key, it is the SHIFTED character on that key. For some

reason avalon filters all these out, so I can actually print one here.

Now, i'll give the address of my web site again with a '#' sign

substituted where the tilde needs to go:

www. mindspring. com/#jzb - # = TILDE


I hope that helps. If you have any questions msg me or something.