New Avalon Interface.

Squire Mohltto Everyone

Hello fellow Avalonians. Allow me to introduce myself, Im Mohlt and ive been

an avalonian for about 4 weeks now. It didnt take me long to adopt AvPlay

when I first logged on and it took me even less time to dream up about

50 million features that I wish it had. So, being a programmer by trade, I

decided to write my own avalon interface. And viola, im done with the first

cut of it and am humbly offering it to my fellow Avalonians for testing

and suggestions.

To help with the process of feedback and updates I setup a web site for

the interface at the following address:

Log on DL it and check it out. Since most of you have much more Avalon

experience than I do I would really like to hear your ideas on what would

make the interface easier to use for you, or your profession, etc etc.

I also will take bug reports (there will be bugs, Ive spent a whopping 4 days

on the interface)... so if your feeling interested check it out... its got

loads more features (and a few that are as yet not implemented that AvPlay had)

but on the whole I think you'll like it... more to come...