Culinaneto The Despicable Flogga, the Onanist

In truth, the assumption that just because one isn't Thakrian one cannot understand internal Thakrian policies or working is a comment which does not withstand scrutiny. I know for a fact that in a past election for the guildmaster of the thieves Lor

d Lazarus spoke directly to members of that guild and told them for whom they would vote. I suppose one might argue that those poor thieving mortal souls still had the freedom to cast their vote for another candidate.

About the same freedom of choice as in your average Banana Republic.

If Lazarus wants to fix elections, it is his choice. Who are we to question divine will?


p. s. Brother Silk, sorry the Gods didn't take aria away, they just made it a little tougher for the average bard to sing it. (I love you too)