Far attacking and divine protection.

At no time was I able to far attack whilst protected. That was the point. It was pathetic that players would try to goad me out of protection when it suited them with lame lines like 'your always protected'.

Since this would be said in the midst of a campaign of many hundreds of hours of far attacking it was amusing to me, since it was such obvious bullshit.

My point was only that non-Thakrians have expressed their disdain for protection when it so suited them.

With respect to your divinity, your accusation that I have acted against the spirit of the game is not at all supported by my past actions.

I can only suggest that, to the contrary, my general feeling for the spirit of Avalon is such that I have repeatedly refrained from possible actions that I did not feel were in that spirit.

However, since you are a God I must presume that my expression was at fault. I did not forsee that someone would presume I was gloating about a fault in the 'system'. I apologise.