The Despicable Flogga, the Onanistto Everyone

First up, those who are not Thakrian know sfa about the internal politics of Thakria, so any and all comments are purely speculative and not worth a damn.

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Secondly, it really isn't so much a Thakrian trait to disrespect protection as it is for anyone who thinks they are a show against someone who is protected.

It has always been a terrific source of amusement that people accused me of 'always being protected' at a time that I was in the middle of far attacking many thousands of locations.

Most of them at over 2 minutes per location.

Thirdly, as for freedom in Thakria perhaps the most pertinent example is the Seer Type guilds.

In a endlessly boring process that realistically required the voluntary committment of the players, which guild was it that succeeded in the thorough demoralisation and emasculation of the others?

Why, it was the Thakrian guild. Time, and time was all it was, freely given to its city by devoted citizens. What did the opposition match it with?



Finally, there are on all sides those who kill for the sake of it. It comes down then to which of these garner the greatest loyalty and support from those who don't. It is a lay down misere for Thakria's killers.