Singe, the Punkto Everyone

I lived under the rule of Shaitan, and although non-Thakrians wouldn't understand this, Shaitan, please forgive me Lazarus, was very kind and compassionate to Thakrians but only to Thakrians. He never demanded, save be loyal to Thakria, and he was alw

ays willing to aid. He loved Thakria more than any mortal could understand. I still do not. He was an amazing mortal. And why did we follow him in Thakria? BEcause he was strong, free, and earned our respect. HE never once threatend any loyal subjects

, at least in my presence.

Thakria is about power and respect. We don't demand, we earn. Any who has never been Thakrian would not understand. I do not ever expect to understand the ways of an animist nor expect any one but Thakrians to understnad Thakria. It should be left as

such. There is no point in arguing anymore... It is moot.

Singe, the Punk