Joshua of East Avonto Everyone

I too, like Lilandrin, have never found my fellow citizens to be selfish or petty.

I am as new to Avalon as Taistlin, I believe, and I make no claims regarding how his

or any city other than Mercianae is organized. Mercinae, I will say, is governed by

people who have a lot on their minds. It is not easy to organize defences in a land

where you are always on the defensive, and yet you can't account for the availability

at any given time of your most capable citizens. Thanks in large part to the vagaries

of RL, time zones, and etc., being a citizen of the 'Good' city can be frustrating at

any level of experience. But it is never anything but a test of character. And the

character of those citizens who stay with Mercinae, and defend it, is unblemished.

I personally hope for a time of peace in Avalon, and prosperity for all... With

protected challenges, fairly fought. Perhaps that day will come, but in the event it

does not: Mercinae Forever

Joshua, Leonine Bard of Peace