Your City.

Savannah the Gypsyto Grey Lilandrin

These shallow notions of good and evil -- not to mention the endless inane Springdalian posturing about the nature of neutrality -- are arrogant and uninformed.

I'm certainly not in any way proud of the fact that I've dwelt in each of these cities, but it has offered me a bit of insight.

As a Parrian refugee, I was cast into Mercinae, and witnessed firsthand the hypocrisy of that place. I am amazed that Mercineans can still snatch at even semantic notions of justice and honor while they self-righteously refuse to aid their allies, ref

use to fight their peers, refuse even to speak with younger citizens.

Similarly, I have witnessed ineffectual Springdale's perversion of neutrality. While facing dictatorial economic policies and being told that my individualism must fall second to civic duty (Springdalian civic duty being a synonym for behaving like Me

rcs who don't want to be in the direct line of fire), I fought alone, supported occasionally by two of the only three fighters in the city (Panamon, Hellchaser, and Haplo). Other Springdalians stood and watched passively, or greeted me from their camp

at the pool, and excused themselves by claiming neutrality.

This after most of you have benefitted from my free shrouds, my free curses, my blesses.

Some recent additions to Thakria's census may have come to avoid attacks, but I came because this is freedom. To say it is not freedom, despite my personal experiences, is absurd.

I entered CHOOSE NEUTRAL ages ago, but have not been supported in this view until I returned to Thakria. But given that the two most common things in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity, I doubt the targets of this post will have progressed thus f

ar. So here I quit hogging your bandwidth...

Savannah, Baba Yaga's Favorite Gypsy