Sir Lancelot, Darkbladeto Everyone

Start me off, and you can't shut me up.

This is just a quick note about Animists. As much as I, and the majority of

my fellow citizens, like mass bloodshed, I also hold great respect for


The guild has pledged against war, and vowed to uphold the peace to the best

of their capabilities. Too often, I see people blaming Animists for doing

what they are sposed to do. Just as it is acceptable for a sorcerer to

rape and pillage anything that moves (and quite a lot that doesnt), it

should be realised that Animists have perhaps the hardest job in all Avalon.

I know for a fact, that if someone repeatedly killed me, I would not be

able to find it in myself to give them wurtfoil - which so many animists

regulary do. I respect an Animist's decision not to fight, which is why

I do not attack them.

Apollo: Forgive me if in some way I sounded the dictator. I was simply

stating my opinion that the highly powerful skill of Decompose should only

be used when all other options were exhausted.


Viva Thakria